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Time Zones and Other Tales

Time Zones and Other Tales

Réal Carpentier brings you a thrilling suspense in the novella, Time Zones, as well as several short tales to delight you, inspire you, and tickle your funny bone. Within these pages, are found a wide variety of genre including drama, comedy, horror, suspense, and science fiction. Time Zones will take you on a trip with Gabriel Jackson as he tries to make sense of his loss of years, only to regain them again without prior warning or logical reasoning. The shorter tales will touch on themes of autism, Alzheimer’s, infidelity, and surreal phenomena. The pages herein will make you laugh, cry, and kept at the edge of your seat.

Whatever your interests, there’s something for everyone in this wonderful compilation. Available in hardcover, and paperback. Purchase here.


What woke him, he couldn’t put into words because what he’d felt was something he’d never felt before. It was a sudden feeling. That is to say, it wasn’t a gradual sensation. It was something that hit him like a swift accident. The only way he was able to describe it to himself was as if he’d physically lurched a few feet forward piece by piece; not all at once. It started with the top of his head, then gradually the rest of it, then down to the neck, and then lower still until his feet caught up with the rest of him. It was as though he was displaced through space and yet he was still sitting in the same seat he fell asleep in. At first, he thought it was turbulence severe enough to wake him but as he looked around, nothing was moved or spilled. A couple of other people were ostensibly sleeping and undisturbed. Even the catalog he was reading was still unmoved on his lap. There had been very little to no turbulence.

He removed his reading glasses and put them in his shirt pocket. As he turned to look around, he felt a pain in his neck; the kind that occurs from stiffness or being in the same position for too long. At one point, he winced in pain from moving his neck too quickly and started rubbing the back of it. It’s amazing how you can develop pain from doing nothing at a certain age, he thought. As those thoughts ran through his mind, he couldn’t help but laugh a little to himself because according to everything and everyone, he was now forty-nine years old. Time had robbed him once again.