Réal Carpentier

Réal loves playing/composing music and writing. You can always find him performing his acoustic solo act at smaller venues or busy at local book-signing events. Réal is currently a teacher of Electronics Technology at the Career and Technical Center in Warwick, RI.

This website is loaded with information about his music, creative works, and more. Please take a moment to look around.

Réal also plays in a band called Socks With Sandals with his sons. Visit their website for more information.

Below are Réal’s three fiction novels. Please follow the links for more information.

Publication3 5star - Readers' FavoriteRéal’s newest novel, The Witch Of Brentwood, is now available from all major booksellers in paperback and hardcover.

Synopsis: In 1684, a ten-year-old Isabell Whitlock and her twin, Alexander, play in the field near their Salem home where they encounter a woman rumored to be a witch hanging by the neck in a nearby wood. This vision gives Isabell recurring nightmares into adulthood. Now at eighteen, Isabell still has nightmares and is also plagued with a deadly disease and wishes death to come swiftly. Things change when she is given a beautiful antique brooch by her mother that appears to have special mystical powers and allows Isabell to recover from the disease stronger than ever. Soon, Isabell befriends an old cunning woman who teaches her about the meaning of the mysterious powerful brooch and the true person Isabell Whitlock really is.

Suspense, and magic abound in this edge-of-your-seat thriller!

Réal’s novel Barry’s Brain is now available from all major booksellers in hardcover, paperback, and ebook/kindle.

Synopsis: Barry is a 13-year-old boy who gets no respect from his classmates and is abused by his promiscuous mother’s live-in boyfriend. It doesn’t help that Barry’s physical attributes above the neck are fodder for ridicule, and his timid demeanor makes him the perfect target. Everything changes, however, when Barry has a little accident that causes brain damage, allowing him to read others’ thoughts and eventually control their minds. With Barry’s new ability and his having reached the tolerance point, vengeance becomes the new norm.

5star - Readers' FavoriteSarah Goldman, also available from all major booksellers in hardcover, paperback, and ebook/kindle.

Synopsis: Dr. Dina is a psychology professor at NYU who falls in love with his 25 year-old student, Sarah Goldman. Their relationship grows into a deceptive secret he must keep from his other students, as well as the university’s administration and his family.The story is told by an older Dr. Dina, who recounts his experiences that happened 20 years prior. As a much younger Dina and Sarah meet outside the classroom, they become emotionally affected by recounting their personal experiences; sometimes funny,sometimes tragic. This leads to a serious relationship with the risk of ruining Dina’s career. The story visits many life moments,and deals with themes of the holocaust,rape, loss, bigotry, awakening, and rejuvenation, with many life lessons learned.

Also, please visit Réal’s author page on amazon.

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